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Air Charters in Aerospace Industry

How do you carry oversized aircraft components or even a whole airplane? Or deliver space vehicles or a satellite to their launch site?

Volga-Dnepr has rich experience of transporting cargo for the aerospace industry; launch vehicles, in-orbit satellites, aircraft and aviation components, helicopters, and different types of aircraft engines. Volga-Dnepr’s customers include the world’s leading suppliers of air transport and space equipment, state aerospace agencies, helicopter companies and aircraft operators.

Thanks to the unique capabilities of its fleet and loading and discharge equipment developed by the company, the transportation of space equipment can be accomplished without disassembling the shipment or any additional preparations. Nowadays, every third space satellite is transported to its launch site by Volga-Dnepr.

The extraordinary size of the An-124-100 ‘Ruslan’ cargo cabin allows the carriage not only of such big aircraft parts as wings, but also whole fuselages of mid-size aircraft and heavy helicopters.

For airlines and aircraft maintenance suppliers, Volga-Dnepr regularly transports spare parts, components and aircraft engines to MRO facilities around the world.

June 2014

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has seen a big increase in shipments for the aerospace industry with 22 flights moving space satellites over a 12-week period to the end of May.

April 2014

A Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ An-124-100 ‘Ruslan’ freighter aircraft has delivered the Luch-5V and KazSat-3 telecommunications satellites from Krasnoyarsk in Russia to Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome.

November 2008

Volga-Dnepr delivered an SSJ-100 aircraft from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Novosibirsk. The loading was successfully completed using special equipment.

August 2008

Volga-Dnepr carried an 11-tons Super Puma helicopter from Esberg (Denmark) to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). To transport the helicopter, a new loading scheme was developed which removed the need to use aerodrome engineering and required only minimal disassembling of the blades and reducing gear box. Previously, for such flights, the helicopter’s gears, tail boom and back reducing gear box all had to be removed too.

March 2007

An Аntonov-124-100 delivered a new generation TerraSAR-X developed by the European space company Astrium (EADS Group) to its launch site at Baikonur spaceport. The space vehicle was placed into a container and loaded into the aircraft. During the flight, all of the special environmental conditions required for the sensitive equipment were maintained.