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Transportation of equipment for the energy industry requires specific carrying and loading capacities as well as special technological knowledge and experience. These cargoes are generally very big and heavy weight and cannot be disassembled.

Experts from the Engineering and Logistics Center at Volga-Dnepr develop special technologies for ground logistics and loading to allow the airline to accomplish door-to-door transportation and loading of such oversized pieces of cargoes and to minimize the need to disassemble the high-tech equipment.

Among the unique cargoes carried by Volga-Dnepr are combined cycle gas turbines, rotors for hydro power plants and powerful electro power converters.

February 2014

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has increased its reputation for supplying end-to-end logistics services by managing the delivery of a 73-ton turbine ‘runner’ to Russia’s Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, one of the world’s leading producers of electrical energy.

March 2011

Volga-Dnepr’s Engineering and Logistics Center arranged transportation of unique energy equipment from Pisa (Italy) to Ninbo (China). The weight of the equipment carried was too big for the aircraft’s onboard cargo-lifting systems so to solve the problem, Volga-Dnepr specialists used special loading equipment. Staff from the Center also managed the ground handling of the cargo at the departure and arrival airports.

March 2011

Volga-Dnepr airlines carried from Stuttgart (Germany) to Tokyo (Japan) an oversized pump unit for cooling the NPP Fukushima-1 reactors. The 60 tonnes piece of equipment included the largest pump in the world installed on a truck and its mobile footing.

February 2009

Volga-Dnepr carried equipment for the NPP Corumba III in Brazil. To carry the 120 tons of cargo, two aircraft were used — an Antonov-124-100 and Boeing 747. At Ulyanovsk-East airport, the An-124 loaded a 29 tons rotor and hydro turbine equipment (70 tons altogether), while the Boeing 747 carried 50 tons of hydro turbine equipment from Kazan airport.